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Training for Employee Development

With our extensive knowledge and experience in developing training programs for employee groups, and our familiarity with various budgeting tools, NHDoD is a great source to turn to for your employees’ professional development.

Recent State and Local Government Training Projects

  • Custom Business Writing and Business Analysis course for city government
  • $1M in training for a state education organization
  • $5M in a variety of training bids won with a state government agency
  • Customized Emotional Intelligence training for state entities

DoD and Federal

  • Six figure purchase of Cisco training to complement a Cisco hardware rollout for a DOD contractor
NHDoD - Government Training Solutions

Imperial County Office of Education

The Imperial County Office of Education partnered with NHDoD to deliver training across the State of California. Teri Sanders, Chief Operating Officer with the k-12 High-Speed Network program, shared how 80% of local school sites didn’t have sufficient staffing to support technology.

NHDoD ability to scale training across the whole state made this challenge a success for the organization. Providing a live and engaging experience through a  remote platform is just what certain businesses need to train their  employees.