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CalNet Technology

Hear from Suzanne Harris, Vice President of Human Resources at CalNet Technology, on why she chose to partner with NHDoD and get her employees the proper training to succeed in their current positions.

CalNet Simple Learning SolutionsCreating a culture of learning at a company is often times a critical step. Implementing the NHDoD training survey tool made it easier for Suzanne to engage the employees in training. It was used to define from the employees’ perspective what they felt they needed in order to function in their role.

Imperial County Office of Education

Imperial County Office of Education partnered with NHDoD to deliver training across the State of California. Teri Sanders, Chief Operating Officer with the k-12 High-Speed Network program, shares how 80% of local school sites didn’t have sufficient staffing to support  technology.

Imperial County Education - Large Scale Solutions

NHDoD ability to scale training  across the whole state made this challenge a success for the organization. Providing a live and engaging experience through a remote platform is just what certain businesses need to train their  employees.