Failure to pay will result in cancellation of any current and future company enrollments and the case will be sent to collections.

Coupons are valid for 12 months from invoice date and are non-transferable.

Clubs are limited to the individual on the invoice, are non-transferable and start on the date of invoice.

Premium classes will have multiple coupons pulled for enrollment.

The client understands that signed order agreements shall be an agreement between New Horizons and their company, and as a qualified signature for said company, is responsible for the tuition, and shall make all personnel/employees aware that refunds will be made to the company. All reasonable discounts per New Horizons are void if portions of the above training are cancelled. New Horizons guarantees only those services set forth in the agreement.

Client agrees not to hire any New Horizons employee for (1) year after the completion of the training ordered on an Order Agreement. In the event client breaches this provision, client agrees to pay New Horizons, as liquidated damages, an amount to 40% of the annual salary of the person hired.