Instructor-led with Certified Instructor includes courseware and labs. If student does not receive full amount of training (8 hours of training per day), the customer owes NH full retail open enrollment.

This also includes, leaving class early, leaving the company prior to 90 days post training, or no- showing to training. Students must meet the ETP eligible wage requirement as well. Failure to do so will result in full retail billing as well. New Horizons must receive a copy of a credit card to keep on file should any of these events take place.

If cancelled no fewer than 15 business days before scheduled date, administration fee of 10% will be added to purchase amount. If cancelled fewer than 15 business days in advance of scheduled date, 100% of class price will be due according to date of originally scheduled class, and customer will be allowed to purchase another class date.

If the clients needs to reschedule the date of class prior to the 15 day cancel/reschedule window, we will honor one date change at no charge. For the second and thereafter changes, there will be $500 per day charge of training rescheduled.

If a company buys 10 events at one time in the MS Office category, we will give all events that have 15 people for free. In the event that the company cancels any of the scheduled classes, they will be billed at $3000 per day, regardless of normal cancellation policy.

If less than 15 people show up to the scheduled class, or students who are not eligible attend the course, the company will be billed at full retail for the missing or non-qualified students.

All charges above will be automatically charged to the credit card we have on file.