When using any of the above as payment for a class, student must activate their digital courseware prior to the last day of class, as well as ensure that each voucher is still valid, or else the customer company will be invoiced for the full retail price of the class and the vouchers will be returned.

If class is paid for using Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs), ten (10) business days’ notice is required to reschedule without additional fees.

In case of a no-show or cancellation with less than ten (10) business days’ notice, 100% of class price ($595 per day per student) will be due according to date of original invoice or date of Term Net 30. Any coupons used will not be returned to the coupon pool. If a seat license was used, the client will forfeit those days. For premium classes, multiple coupons will be pulled.

Students are allowed up to One (1) reschedule per class up until 48-hours before course start date. Any reschedules after that point will incur a processing fee equal to 50% of the published course price (MSRP). The new session date must be given at the time of the reschedule notification and rescheduled classes must be taken within six-months of original invoice date.