DevSecOps Foundation (DevOps Institute)

In this course, students will gain a solid understanding of how DevSecOps provides business value, enhancing your business opportunities, and improving corporate value. The core DevSecOps principles taught can support an organizational transformation, increase productivity, reduce risk, and optimize resource usage. This course explains how DevOps security practices differ from other approaches then delivers the education needed to apply changes to your organization. Participants learn the purpose, benefits, concepts, vocabulary and applications of DevSecOps. Most importantly, students learn how DevSecOps roles fit with a DevOps culture and organization. At the course’s end, participants will understand “security as code” to make security and compliance value consumable as a service. This course prepares you for the DevSecOps Foundation (DSOF) certification.


2 Days


16 Hours



Upcoming DevSecOps Foundation (DevOps Institute) Classes

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DevSecOps Foundation (DevOps Institute) - 10/26/2023, 8:00 AM10/27/20238:00 AM5:00 PM

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